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Nordic creative color balloon chandeliers bedroom pendant light
These modern style creative glasschandelier is very popular. It can be used in the porch, exhibition hall, hotel and other Spaces. It can help you improve the artistic beauty of the space. If you need more information about these products, please contact us. WeChat: KSqm21 Email ID: sales @hoslighting.com WhatsApp (+ 86) 13611897594
Nordic creative color balloon chandeliers

·Material: Acrylic +metal
·Power supply: AC90-260V
·Light source: E27
·Size: 7 light,9 light,17 light,19 light,37 light
·Color: colorful
·Certificate:Our lamps meet the electrical certification standards of various countries, please rest assured to buy.
·Lead Time:
·In stock: 1~2 workingdays ;
No stock: 7 workingdays
Acrylic ball
White metal base