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Product Description
1. Warm White & RGB color light 2. Lithium battery 3. Silicon material soft touch 4. Tumbler baby night light
Main Unit Night Light

Hold the top
to adjust the brightness(White Light)

First select the RGB mode:
Tap the top
to choose your desired color(Color Light)

Double tap the top
to power the light on/off(White and Color Light)

Standby On/Working: Green light
Charging: Red light; Charge complete: Green light
Low Battery: Red light flash
Timer function: Green light breathing

Use of charging base
Customers purchase a 5V/1A adaptor by themselves. After connecting the base with the distributed Type C charging cable, the main lamp can be placed on the base for charging. When charging, the indicator light of the host is red. The indicator light is green when fully charged.
The "Light Button" can turn on and off the light on the base.

Ways to open:
1. Turn on by sliding the switch of the base(you can choose to turn on white light or colorful light).
2. With the base switch turned on: No matter what mode, you can double-tap the top to turn on and double-tap the top to turn off.
White light:
Long press to adjust brightness
Color light:
Short touch the top to select color; Short press the color light again to restore the automatic circulation mode;
Double beat two consecutive times to turn off the lights; And then two consecutive double shots to turn on the lights.
When the color of the light is turned on and off, there is a memory function.

Light timing function
Through the slide switch at the bottom of the host, select the timing function at different times and turn off the timing function.